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    No matter how frequently you have your chimney cleaned and inspected, it's inevitable that after years of use, it will develop problems that will require the interest of a chimney repairs professional. Whether you've an issue with downdraught or lack of pull, or perhaps too much pull; require your brickwork re-pointing and restoring to make sure its stability; or have an unknown blockage that needs clearing - our chimney repairs team possess the skills and experience to find an reliable, innovative and effective repairs answer to restore its safe and full function. Our camera equipment allows us to carry out chimney inspections and full surveys to be able to figure out the cause and location of any problems.

    Dublin Roofing Company can
    provide chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, roof line up chimney rebuilds, and total chimney rebuilds. Cracking, water leaking, element time, exposure and usage and lack of maintenance can render your chimney structurally vulnerable, resulting within the need for chimney repairs or total chimney rebuild. Whatever the situation, we can assist.

    This will ensure that nothing is overlooked, even when it is simply a case of a birds nest causing a slight obstruction and making a potential hazard, we’ll ensure that it is quickly dealt with prior to it becomes a major problem for you personally. We can also offer a range of preventative solutions such as cleaning your chimney or fitting a chimney cowl to prevent birds nesting and downdraught, also as stopping the components from affecting the flue and fireplace.

    extremely skilled and experienced roofers can offer an professional repairs and maintenance service to make sure that your chimney is secure and secure for many years to come.
  • Here are some of the chimney repair & maintenance services that Dublin Roofing Company provide:

    • Chimney capping & vent repairs.
    • Replacement & repair of damaged chimney pots.
    • Chimney lining/relining.
    • Chimney breast repair, removal & fabrication/installation of structural support steelwork.
    • Increasing chimney draw.
    • Identifying causes of down draught & implementing solutions.
    • Rebuilding domestic chimney brick stacks.
    • Smoke testing & chimney leak detection.
    • Chimney Aspirator & anti-down-draught chimney cowl fitting.
    • CCTV chimney surveys.
    • Chimney pointing/repointing of chimney brickwork.
    • Chimney removal.
    • Chimney brickwork cleaning & restoration.
    • Lightning protection/ Lightning conductor fitting.